Les Lalas

My creation is an homage to the eternal female that resides at the core of each human being.
It wants to awaken the goddess that sleeps in each woman.
The lalas reveal the sacred, female dimension to us by relating to the profound depth of our heart, our sexuality and our soul.
They have the power to stimulate recognition within us and the expression of our femininity by inviting us into our sacred cave where our inner most resources coil.
They are the expression of divine light and energy.
It’s a female vision of thinking and seeing the world.

In the midst of this imperial rendez-vous with the heart of our hearts, of the inner mariage of female power and sacred masculinity, like two complementary being in the world and in the universe, the Lala illuminates us by their inconditional, universal love.
They offer by their divine character, a reflection sweeping us towards the highest realm of the spirit, thus acting on the conscious, the unconscious and subconscious of the soul of humanity.

My Lala are an act of love to honor all the women of the world as well as our mother, earth.