Artist Sculptor and paintor

After studies of applied art in synthesised material sculpture.
Aima Saint Hunon,
A young and talented creator became involve in the pursuit of forms and curves, revealing a sensuality similar to her own inner being.
This process reveals and amplifies her works over time, having found deep within herself a mix of maturity and sensuality.
In this new momentum, the artist confirms the control of her potential through works varying from 30 centimeters to 2 meters.

After numerous travels, Aima applied herself to different materials such as terra cotta, wood, stone and bronze.
She assembles these different materials in a dreamlike manner which appears both symbolic and magical.

Driven by the expression of femininity, this artist leads us into a universe, where women become goddesses, where erotism flirts with purity.
Her imagination takes us towards fantastic worlds where The emotion and The sensuality of The land reflects its soul.
Her sculptures no longer reflect embody real forms, which represent an abstract-realistic search of emotional force.

But sculpture no longer suffices for Aima, she broadens other horizons through the medium of painting, which projects her imagination into us, mixing gaiety, enthusiasm and passion.
Her very personal technique integrates different materials to match the color of her paintings. Using Sand, wood, pigments, paper and other matter into weaving culminating of creation our attention along with the lines of her drawings.
She creates propelled only by emotion and her direct environment influences her the most.

Always in search of Expression, Aima establishes a direct relationship between the sensuality of the world in which she evolves and that of her own body.
Staged in a series of videos and photos.
After 5 years of theatrical studies in various schools in Paris, the artist expoits her potential through a series of video art where the emotion of a country, which is reflected in an abstract fashion allowing the emotional imagination of the spectator to freely interpret the message they feels.
Her performances during private viewings give energy to the expositon shown.

She shows us her open mindedness with her sculptures, paintings, photos, poems and videos which beget multi-cultural character representing a world where creation has no barrier, no limit.

From 2000 to 2009, Aima exhibited in numerous art spaces in Paris, including the Grand Palais and UNESCO.  She had her first show in New York in 2007 with Reference Gallery named “The French Connection”

In 2013, the Shanghai, China-based Philippe Staib Gallery awarded St Hunon a sponsorship. Aima created twenty-five bronzes with the American master bronzier, Paul Cavanagh. In 2014, Aima took part in a two month residency and subsequent show at the Peninsula Hotel in Beijing. She was invited for a four-month residency in Taiwan, followed by a group show at the Furniture Eco Museum. 

In 2019, St Hunon was invited by Beijing Central academy of Fine Art, China to serve as the keynote speaker at Columbia University, NY. This came on the heels of writer Tope Idowu’s documentary about Aima’s experience as an artist in NY, covering the period between 2016 and 2022. The artist was recently accepted in the non-profit Fractured Atlas Fiscal Sponsorship Program.

Southampton Art center, NY, commissioned her to create an art installation performance where dancers, musicians, were surrounded by a sculptural world. Then she was acclaimed by Maxdi Gallery for a solo show in a prestigious gallery in West Broadway, Soho, NY.



International residency program for a period of 8 months to create porcelains, ceramics and glasses sculptures starting in April at Taoxichuan Jingdezhen International Studio/Taoxichuan Art Center, China.
Salon Water Drawing at the Grand Palais Ephemere, Paris.

Solo Exhibition for the gallery first opening, MAXDI Gallery, New York.
Group show at Maxdi Gallery, New York.
Art Shopping art fair at the Louvre Carousel, Paris.

Installation and performance at the Southampton Art Center, New York.
Community Engagement Award 2021 Artist Grant, New York.
Group show with Sculptor Guild sponsor by Chashama, New York.
Group show at the Invisible Dog Arts Center, Brooklyn, New York.
Group show at Gallery 707, Hudson, New York.
Art fair at the Southampton Arts Center, New York.
Art fair at the Southampton History Museum, New York.

Art residency and shows at Dunoyer , Harlem, New York.
Group show at One Art Space Gallery, New York.
Sculptures and miniature show at l’Atelier d’Emotion, New York.

Solo exhibition, installation, performance on three floors at Dunoyer
Residence, a Landmark Victorian mansion in Sugar Hill, New York.
Solo exhibition at Under the oven Gallery, sponsor by Serafina, New York.
Keynote Speaker on Chinese Art at Columbia University, New York.
Invited to show at Wanted Design Salon by De Galluchat brand, New York.
Group show at The Plaxall Gallery a Sculpture Guild exhibition, New York.

Solo exhibition in partnership with Ile Maison, private residence, New York.
Solo exhibition in partnership with Jetzy, private residence, New York.
Art residency at the Art Factory, Paterson, New Jersey.
Exhibition and donation at Design on a Dime, New York.

Solo exhibition at DOMENICO VACCA, Art gallery, New York.
Solo exhibition at project Z gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.
Solo exhibition at DOMENICO VACCA, Art gallery, New York.
Group exhibition, Walter Wickiser Gallery, Chelsea, New York.

Exhibit sponsor by Serafina, private room, New York.
Exhibit at Beautique gallery, New York.
Solo exhibition at Dejavu gallery, New York.
Presentation at the WOW MUSEUM, Nelson, New Zealand.

Group show at the Furniture and Eco Museum, Tainan, Taiwan.
Art residency at Chia Nan University, Tainan, Taiwan.
Group show at Chia Nan Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan.
Group show at Michel Mariaud Gallery, New York.

Solo show at Phillipe Staib Gallery, Shanghai, China.
Artist residency and show at Peninsula Hotel, Beijing, China.
Art Fair at Twelve at Hengshan, a luxury collection hotel, Shanghai, China.
Show at Sun Chateau, Shanghai, China.
Artist residency at Chia Nan University, Tainan, Taiwan.

Group show at Michel Mariaud gallery, New York.
Performance art at The Roger Smith Hotel, New York.
Group show during the night of "the monologue of vagina" with the international Women Artist's salon, New York.
"Estrogenius Festival" at Theaterlab and Stage left studio, New York.

« Le corps et moi » show at cabinet estethique cabinet of dr Claude Aharoni, Paris.
Group show at Su Bing art of crossover space, Shanghai, China.
AWAF 2012 Art weekly arts festival, Lan zhou, China.
Group show at Living with Art, New York.

Afordable Art Fair, New York.
Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China.
Eye Gallery, solo show, Shanghai, China.

UNESCO, « Memoire des couleurs », Paris.
Art Shanghai, China.
Shanghai art fair, Shanghai, China.
PROVOK, group show, Espace Peugeot, Paris.
Art en tete Gallery, Avignon, France.
Contemporary art market at Bastille and Halle Fressinet, Paris.

Personal and group show at Hight Line art studio, Chelsea, New York.
Reference Gallery, permanent resident, Soho, New York.
Simoun Gallery, Paris.

French artists salon at the Grand Palais, Paris.
Reference Gallery, permanent resident, Soho, New York.
Reference Gallery, Paris.

Simoune Gallery, Paris.
French artists salon at the Grand Palais, Paris.
Présent Art Gallery, Paris.
Contemporary art market at the Bastille, Chatou and Bercy, Paris.
Exhibition related to the Châtlet theatre on the theme "The Singer of Mexico" at the Terminus du Châtlet, Paris.

French artists salon at the Grand Palais, Paris.
The Independants salon at the Champerret Espace, Paris.
Contemporary art market at the Bastille and Chatou, Paris.
Personal exhibition at the Interclub 17 within the framework of the"Here and Tomorrow" festival, Paris.

French artists salon, Paris.
Contemporary art market at the Bastille and Chatou, Paris.
Personal exhibition at Orly Parc Central, Paris.

Exhibition at the Sorbonne Chapel within the framework of the "Here and Tomorrow" festival, Paris.
Artistic events organization at the Nouvelle Arcade mansion, Paris.
Permanent exhibition at the Gallery en Vie, Paris.
Group exhibition at Coulommiers. Youth and Sculpture Prize, Paris.

Contemporary art market at the Bastille, Paris.
Exhibition, fashion show with hair stylist Sergio Bossi, Paris and Vittel.

Exhibition at the Say Gallery, Paris.


Formation de deux mois et réalisation d'un projets de 25 sculptures en bronzes dans une fonderie en Chine (a Nanchang) avec le maitre bronzier américain Paul Cavanagh.

Assistant to the international artist Gérard Valtier

Artistic profession diploma for synthetic material, Olivier Serres art school

Preparatory class, Charpentier Academy